Make Cleaning Easy and Automatic!

If you sometimes find yourself behind in your house cleaning, this post is for you. The key to making cleaning easy is to make it part of your daily routine. Routines help us get things done efficiently so that we have more time for us and the things we would rather be doing.

Practicing your cleaning routine daily will make it a habit, something that you do automatically without thinking about it. You will reap all the benefits of a clean home while reducing the stress related to housekeeping. The best part getting to decide what that routine looks like!

Determine what your routine will include and when you will complete it. Set a repeat alarm on your cell phone as a reminder. Then, put on your favorite music and get groovin’ while you clean.

If you need help creating a cleaning routine, you can use Clutterbug’s routine as a starting place. Select the tasks that are a priority to you. You can always tweak your routine until it suits your home’s needs.

Make sure to post your cleaning routine on your fridge or another visible place!

Happy cleaning!

Flu Proof Your Home Today

This year’s flu seems like it is everywhere. But there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of you and your family getting sick. This is how to flu proof your home!

  1. Wash Your Hands

If you are still one of the healthy folks, keep it that way by washing your hands repeatedly. When you return home, your first stop should be the sink. It can take twenty seconds of hand washing with soap to ensure that your hands are clean. So make a game out of hand washing with your children. Have them wash their hands until they have finished singing the alphabet.

  1. Sanitize Your Cleaning Supplies

Sponges, mops and any other cleaning tool should be sanitized before attempting to cleanse your home of the flu. Otherwise, you may just be spreading germs from one area to another. Damp sponges can be put in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute. Mops can be rinsed out, then soaked for ten minutes in a solution of water and one cup of bleach or a cup of vinegar. Rinse the mop out once more before use.

  1. Choose the Right Products

Before disinfecting your surfaces, make sure to read the fine print on the back of your cleaning supplies. The words disinfect or sanitize should be mentioned somewhere on the product. Then read the directions on how to disinfect a surface. Some products have to sit a minute or more before the disinfecting job is done!

  1. Disinfect Everywhere

Whatever you or your family members are likely to touch should be sanitized. This includes door knobs, pull out drawers, appliance handles, faucet handles, toilets, desk items, remote controls, cell phones, hard surfaces and much more. Consider what you touch while at home and you will have a good idea of what might need to be sanitized.


But what if someone in the home already has the flu?

  1. Capture the Germs

Always sneeze or cough into a tissue. These tissues should be thrown away immediately to avoid contaminating more of the home. If no tissue is available, they can cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow.

  1. Limit Contact

Limit the amount of contact with the sick family member and any items you might normally share with them. This could include hand cloths, towels, hair brushes and any other mutually touched objects.

  1. Don’t Touch Your Face

With a sick individual in the home, you should avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and ears. These are all locations where germs and virus can easily enter into your system.

The best strategy against the flu is prevention! Using the above tactics will give you and your family a better chance at staying healthy this flu season.


3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

1. Professional cleaners do all the chores you hate doing. Dusting, baseboards, toilets and more can be completed by the time you arrive home when you hire a professional cleaning service.

2. House cleaning will be one less thing you have to worry about. No dreading the house cleaning all weekend long,  or trying to get your family members to pitch in and help. Instead, you can just checkmark all the cleaning chores off your list.

3. When you come home, the house is perfect. Everything is already done and you can spend time doing the things you really want to do. Pick up that book you have been meaning to read, go on a weekend trip, or binge-watch a show.

You, your time, and your family are worth investing in.

Brewton Cleaning Services is ready to serve you. Let us do a free cleaning consultation for your home. Call us today at 363-9636 or message us on Facebook.

Let us help make your life relaxing!

Putting Away Christmas and Preparing for Next Year

  1. Declutter Now and Thank Yourself Next Year:

As you pull out your storage boxes and totes, quickly go through them. Is there anything that you did not pull out this year that should be tossed or donated? You know the stuff… You’ve kept it for years, but you don’t plan to use it ever again. It’s okay to let go of it. Letting go of unneeded stuff makes it easier to unpack Christmas next year and it makes room for new sparkly, Christmas décor!

Go through this same process as you pull down your decorations. Does something need to be retired to the trash bin? Then throw it away. Do you like it, but not love it? Then maybe it should be donated and given to someone else who will cherish it.

This should be a quick process, not one to hem and haw over.

  1. Snap a Picture:

Love how you set up the table or your décor this year? Then snap a pic and save it in a Preparing Christmas Folder on your computer. When next year rolls around, you can pull out the picture and easily emulate what you did last year.

  1. Select a Storage Bin for Each Setup:

Put like items with like items. Put all your table cloths and table wear together, including name place cards that can be reused. Put décor that is generally hung up together into a box. Put outside décor together and so on. And if you are really organized, slap a sticker or tape a note card on each bin with a word or two explaining what is inside.

  1. Keep Your Ornaments Organized and Safe:

Ornaments can easily be placed in old egg cartons. Or you can place them in a box that is full of standing plastic cups or cut up paper towel cardboard rolls. It may be worthwhile to then store them all inside of one big plastic container to keep them safe and in one location.

  1. Strings of Tinsel and Lights:

Strings of tinsel and lights can be wrapped around either paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes that have been cut down to size. Even toilet paper tubes can be used in some cases for short strings of lights and tinsel.

  1. The Christmas Tree:

And finally, the Christmas Tree. There are plenty of Christmas Tree solutions when it comes to storing them. You can purchase a Christmas Tree Bag. Or you can use the box the Christmas Tree came in. If nothing else, use trash bags, tarps or painter’s drop cloths. The more wrapped up your tree, the better. It will keep it from getting dusty while stored away.


Whether you try one or more of these tips, they are sure to help your next Christmas be more merry and bright!

Wishing you a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Christmas Party Clean Up!

Now that the Christmas gatherings are wrapping up, it’s time to tackle the aftermath of the holiday. But it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process!

Focus first on the extra tasks related to the holiday. Once those are taken care of, then you can jump into your regular cleaning routine.

  1. Christmas Leftovers:

Eat up, share or toss out the holiday leftovers to make the fridge more manageable.

  1. Hunt for Surprises:

Check your furniture and carpet for any spots, stains or spills. Follow the directions of your stain remover carefully. And make sure to blot the spot, not rub it in further!

  1. Wash and Dry:

Gather up loads of dirty or used linens and get them going in the wash. Take items that need to be dry-cleaned to your car and drop them off the next time you are out and about.

  1. Decide What to Keep:

If you received new and improved items, consider donating the old ones to make space for the new. And if you received a gift that you know you will never use, give it to someone who will use it or toss it in the donation box as well. Place the donation box in your car to drop off at your favorite charity or thrift store in town.

With that stuff out of the way, begin your regular cleaning routine. If you don’t have one, then tackle one room at a time, starting with the kitchen and then the bathrooms. Make it a fun event as you get your home back to beautiful – put on some music and be-bop while you clean!

Destress the Holidays: Refrigerator Cleaning

Want a more relaxing Christmas?

Then it is time to get some tasks done now so you can prop your feet up later.

Cleaning up the refrigerator is a job you can work on now that will pay dividends later.

You can clean your refrigerator out in 30 minutes to an hour depending on its condition. Here’s how:

Step 1: Remove everything from your refrigerator, making a specific pile for each shelf or area of your refrigerator. This makes it quick to return food to their rightful places later.

Step 2: Remove the shelves, placing them in or around your sink area.

Step 3: Pretreat the inside of the fridge with a safe solution such as vinegar and water.  Think twice about using a harsher chemical as food products can take on the taste of the chemical used to clean the refrigerator interior.

Step 4: While the solution works on the inside of the refrigerator, clean the refrigerator shelves in your sink. Use a dash of dawn liquid to help with greasy messes.

Step 5: Wipe down the interior of your refrigerator. You may need a sponge to scrub areas that are sticky with a little dawn liquid. Make sure to get to the very bottom of the fridge where everything runs down to.

Step 6: Wipe down each refrigerator shelf and put them back into the refrigerator.

Step 7: As you begin returning products to your refrigerator, toss expired items into a garbage bag and wipe down any containers that are sticky on the bottom.

As it gets closer to Christmas, you should only have to spend a few minutes doing a quick wipe of the refrigerator shelves to maintain them.

Right before Christmas parties commence, consider emptying one shelf. This makes it easy for you or guests who are assisting you to simply place all leftovers on this shelf.

Check another task off your list for Christmas this week by getting your refrigerator Christmas ready!