If you sometimes find yourself behind in your house cleaning, this post is for you. The key to making cleaning easy is to make it part of your daily routine. Routines help us get things done efficiently so that we have more time for us and the things we would rather be doing.

Practicing your cleaning routine daily will make it a habit, something that you do automatically without thinking about it. You will reap all the benefits of a clean home while reducing the stress related to housekeeping. The best part getting to decide what that routine looks like!

Determine what your routine will include and when you will complete it. Set a repeat alarm on your cell phone as a reminder. Then, put on your favorite music and get groovin’ while you clean.

If you need help creating a cleaning routine, you can use Clutterbug’s routine as a starting place. Select the tasks that are a priority to you. You can always tweak your routine until it suits your home’s needs.

Make sure to post your cleaning routine on your fridge or another visible place!

Happy cleaning!