This year’s flu seems like it is everywhere. But there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of you and your family getting sick. This is how to flu proof your home!

  1. Wash Your Hands

If you are still one of the healthy folks, keep it that way by washing your hands repeatedly. When you return home, your first stop should be the sink. It can take twenty seconds of hand washing with soap to ensure that your hands are clean. So make a game out of hand washing with your children. Have them wash their hands until they have finished singing the alphabet.

  1. Sanitize Your Cleaning Supplies

Sponges, mops and any other cleaning tool should be sanitized before attempting to cleanse your home of the flu. Otherwise, you may just be spreading germs from one area to another. Damp sponges can be put in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute. Mops can be rinsed out, then soaked for ten minutes in a solution of water and one cup of bleach or a cup of vinegar. Rinse the mop out once more before use.

  1. Choose the Right Products

Before disinfecting your surfaces, make sure to read the fine print on the back of your cleaning supplies. The words disinfect or sanitize should be mentioned somewhere on the product. Then read the directions on how to disinfect a surface. Some products have to sit a minute or more before the disinfecting job is done!

  1. Disinfect Everywhere

Whatever you or your family members are likely to touch should be sanitized. This includes door knobs, pull out drawers, appliance handles, faucet handles, toilets, desk items, remote controls, cell phones, hard surfaces and much more. Consider what you touch while at home and you will have a good idea of what might need to be sanitized.


But what if someone in the home already has the flu?

  1. Capture the Germs

Always sneeze or cough into a tissue. These tissues should be thrown away immediately to avoid contaminating more of the home. If no tissue is available, they can cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow.

  1. Limit Contact

Limit the amount of contact with the sick family member and any items you might normally share with them. This could include hand cloths, towels, hair brushes and any other mutually touched objects.

  1. Don’t Touch Your Face

With a sick individual in the home, you should avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and ears. These are all locations where germs and virus can easily enter into your system.

The best strategy against the flu is prevention! Using the above tactics will give you and your family a better chance at staying healthy this flu season.