1. Declutter Now and Thank Yourself Next Year:

As you pull out your storage boxes and totes, quickly go through them. Is there anything that you did not pull out this year that should be tossed or donated? You know the stuff… You’ve kept it for years, but you don’t plan to use it ever again. It’s okay to let go of it. Letting go of unneeded stuff makes it easier to unpack Christmas next year and it makes room for new sparkly, Christmas décor!

Go through this same process as you pull down your decorations. Does something need to be retired to the trash bin? Then throw it away. Do you like it, but not love it? Then maybe it should be donated and given to someone else who will cherish it.

This should be a quick process, not one to hem and haw over.

  1. Snap a Picture:

Love how you set up the table or your décor this year? Then snap a pic and save it in a Preparing Christmas Folder on your computer. When next year rolls around, you can pull out the picture and easily emulate what you did last year.

  1. Select a Storage Bin for Each Setup:

Put like items with like items. Put all your table cloths and table wear together, including name place cards that can be reused. Put décor that is generally hung up together into a box. Put outside décor together and so on. And if you are really organized, slap a sticker or tape a note card on each bin with a word or two explaining what is inside.

  1. Keep Your Ornaments Organized and Safe:

Ornaments can easily be placed in old egg cartons. Or you can place them in a box that is full of standing plastic cups or cut up paper towel cardboard rolls. It may be worthwhile to then store them all inside of one big plastic container to keep them safe and in one location.

  1. Strings of Tinsel and Lights:

Strings of tinsel and lights can be wrapped around either paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes that have been cut down to size. Even toilet paper tubes can be used in some cases for short strings of lights and tinsel.

  1. The Christmas Tree:

And finally, the Christmas Tree. There are plenty of Christmas Tree solutions when it comes to storing them. You can purchase a Christmas Tree Bag. Or you can use the box the Christmas Tree came in. If nothing else, use trash bags, tarps or painter’s drop cloths. The more wrapped up your tree, the better. It will keep it from getting dusty while stored away.


Whether you try one or more of these tips, they are sure to help your next Christmas be more merry and bright!

Wishing you a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

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