Want a more relaxing Christmas?

Then it is time to get some tasks done now so you can prop your feet up later.

Cleaning up the refrigerator is a job you can work on now that will pay dividends later.

You can clean your refrigerator out in 30 minutes to an hour depending on its condition. Here’s how:

Step 1: Remove everything from your refrigerator, making a specific pile for each shelf or area of your refrigerator. This makes it quick to return food to their rightful places later.

Step 2: Remove the shelves, placing them in or around your sink area.

Step 3: Pretreat the inside of the fridge with a safe solution such as vinegar and water.  Think twice about using a harsher chemical as food products can take on the taste of the chemical used to clean the refrigerator interior.

Step 4: While the solution works on the inside of the refrigerator, clean the refrigerator shelves in your sink. Use a dash of dawn liquid to help with greasy messes.

Step 5: Wipe down the interior of your refrigerator. You may need a sponge to scrub areas that are sticky with a little dawn liquid. Make sure to get to the very bottom of the fridge where everything runs down to.

Step 6: Wipe down each refrigerator shelf and put them back into the refrigerator.

Step 7: As you begin returning products to your refrigerator, toss expired items into a garbage bag and wipe down any containers that are sticky on the bottom.

As it gets closer to Christmas, you should only have to spend a few minutes doing a quick wipe of the refrigerator shelves to maintain them.

Right before Christmas parties commence, consider emptying one shelf. This makes it easy for you or guests who are assisting you to simply place all leftovers on this shelf.

Check another task off your list for Christmas this week by getting your refrigerator Christmas ready!



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